About Turul
Your Guide to Professional Services For You and Your Business
The turul is a mythical bird in Hungarian lore that acted as a guide to nomadic tribes of the past. We have embodied the spirit of the turul in our desire to be your guide to your professional service needs. We offer piece of mind for you and your business because it is easy to get lost.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner can be overwhelming. With the rise of the gig economy and side hustles, more people are exploring this path as a supplement to their income, but running a business has its own challenges, even if you have a great product or service to sell. Turul aims to be your first stop when it comes to the acquisition of local professional services for you and your business.

Turul wants to make the creating and maintaining of a business easier for the small business owner, freelancer, and aspiring entrepreneur, while also increasing access to justice along the way. We here at Turul believe that the world needs more entrepreneurs, so we want to make it easier for you to be one!

What is Turul? Simply, it is a subscription-based services plan and marketplace consisting of four (4) distinct parts:

1. Document Library
Drafted by legal counsel, the document library offers contracts, templates, forms, and other documents that are useful to both individuals and businesses. Subscribers to Turul will be able to access all of the documents in the library without needing to pay any extra fee. We currently have close to 200 different documents available for download, and material is constantly being added and updated on an ongoing basis in order to constantly provide value to you!

2. Marketplace of Professionals Offering
Free Consults and Hourly-Rate Discounts
Turul offers a marketplace of service professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and developers, to name but a few. What makes this marketplace unique? Each service professional is willing to provide subscribers to Turul a free half hour consultation and a discount from their hourly rates, should they be retained beyond that initial half hour consult on any new matter or project. Turul is not a referral service. Turul is an avenue for service professionals to offer promotional rates, and subscribers have the ability to choose their own service professional. No fee is being collected from any professional for any work completed.

3. Flat-Rate Services Marketplace
Turul offers an additional marketplace for service professionals to provide flat-rate services, coupled with ability to add any additional terms and conditions they desire to any Turul created product. Service providers even have the ability to create their own flat-rate service to be made available to subscribers.

4. Secretarial and Other Services
Turul provides various common products and services, such as incorporations and other corporate secretarial services, to users. Being a subscriber to Turul will give you discounted access to various select services being offered by Turul and by various listed third-party suppliers.

Turul is always looking to add more services, professionals, software, and products to make starting and running a business easier. Contact us if you are interested in participating!
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