Participation Information

Are you a service professional interested in being listed on Turul, but would like some more information? Answers to some FAQ are provided below:

What are the benefits to sign up with Turul?

Turul is a great opportunity to grow your business and get exposed to more clients. There are ever more increasing demands on transparency in pricing and a greater desire to pursue alternative billing arrangements, such as flat rate fees for routine and simple matters. Turul is more than just a directory. It is a marketplace responding to client demands on a more local level.

Do I need to pay anything?

As a service provider, you pay nothing. Turul does not collect any fee from any service providers who wish to participate and be listed in Turul's network of professionals.

Does Turul take a ‘cut’ or a ‘referral fee’ from a participating service provider as a result of any work completed for any Turul subscriber?

No. Turul does not receive any funds from any service provider listed in our network for any work completed on behalf of anyone, subscriber or otherwise. You bill and collect as you normally would in the ordinary course of business.

Is Turul involved with the work completed by any service provider listed?

Turul is not involved in any work that is completed by any service provider listed in the marketplace of local professionals. With respect to Turul's flat-rate services, they only outline the minimum scopes of work and any explicit exclusions. There is no obligation to provide any of the listed flat-rate services, and service professionals can even create their own.

The service professional has the complete discretion as to how the services are to be completed, including the choice of personnel and any complementary services to be offered.

Does Turul collect any retainer fee or hold any funds in trust to be released to any service professional?

No. Turul does not collect any funds that are to be owing to any participating service professional. It will remain the obligation of the service professional to engage in the appropriate client intake procedures, including the verification of client information, the obtaining of any retainer, and the collection of amounts owing as a result of any work completed.

What are the requirements for a service professional to be listed on Turul?

  • Any subscriber to Turul is entitled to receive a free half-hour consultation from any participating service professional on any new matter; and
  • A discount (minimum of 10%) from the participating service professional's hourly rate.
    • This discount would only apply if the service professional is retained beyond the initial half-hour consultation, or otherwise completes any work beyond the initial consultation;
  • There is no obligation to provide any free half-hour consultation or discount from any hourly rate to any non-subscriber.
  • There is freedom to put any additional restrictions on any hourly-rate discount, including any time limitation or a cap on the number of subscribers capable of redeeming the offer.

What are the requirements if a service provider wants to participate in Turul's Flat-Rate System?

Each flat-rate service outlines a minimum scope of work and a rate from which that particular flat-rate service starts. Not only does a service provider have the ability to offer a Turul described service, but there is the freedom to create your own! There is also freedom to add any additional exclusions or conditions, provided that these terms do not conflict with the minimum scope of work outlined in each flat-rate service offering.

What information is available to the public?

The profiles for each service provider can be seen by the public, but only subscribers would be entitled to any discounted hourly rate, and only subscribers would be eligible to receive any of the rates associated with any flat-rate service offering. Service providers have no obligation to offer any discount, nor provide any of the services and corresponding rates to non-subscribers.

Sounds Great! Where can I sign up?

  • The intake form for the various types of service providers we are looking for can be found here.
  • The intake form for anyone interested in subscribing to Turul can be found here.