Turullaw Lawyer ID: 1234567

Regular Hourly Rate: $250 per hour
Rate for Turullaw Subscribers: $200 per hour
Area(s) of law: Corporate and Commercial
Additional Restrictions: None

Languages Spoken: English
Accepts Legal Aid: Yes/No
Licensed to Practice In: Ontario
Year of Call: 2013
Get to Know Me Better
  • Graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School;
  • Equipped with an Executive MBA;
  • Avid motorcycle rider;
  • No awards yet;
Name of Law Firm
Address: 401 Bay Street, Suite 1600
Toronto, ON
M5H 2Y4


Turullaw is focused on access to justice and understands that the legal industry can be a confusing and intimidating space given the complexity of the law, not to mention the lack of transparency in pricing and significant cost uncertainties. There are a number of features of Turullaw that addresses these problems to help the individual, small business owner, freelancer, and aspiring entrepreneur.

At Turullaw, we are constantly focused on making the law more accessible; this means that we are always working to find ways to bring even more value to our subscribers and any visitor to Turullaw!