Preparing Articles of Amendment
Preparing Articles of Amendment

Preparing Articles of Amendment

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-Government Fees (Excluded from Turullaw Listed Price)

-Fed: $200

-ON: $150

-Product Description: This product is for you if you wish to change the Articles of Incorporation of a company.

-Users may also want: Filing a Notice of Change (Except Changes to Business Name);

-Additional Notes:

-Any government filing fees vary based on the jurisdiction in the new company was registered. Please note that Turullaw is not responsible for any errors in filing and are only an intermediary to this process. Turullaw takes information inputted by the user to register and file with the appropriate 3rd-party.

-Please consult with a lawyer to determine what is specifically needed in your circumstances. Turullaw is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. Turullaw makes no representation or warranty on any of the products offered through Turullaw, and you must satisfy yourself as to whether the product is best suited for you, including the validity and accuracy of the information submitted to Turullaw.