Review of Franchise Disclosure Information - (Non-Subscribers)

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  • This will allow for a potential franchisee to have a lawyer review some of the key documents provided by the franchisor. Getting a clearer picture of your rights, responsibilities, and obligations are essential for you to get the most out of your franchise.
  • This voucher is provided free of charge with actual costs of the service set out by the service provider. A participating law firm stands ready to help you with your legal needs relating to this product. Find one here!



Minimum Scope of Work Requirements

 o Lawyer will assist a potential franchisee with the review of the documents and agreements required by the franchisor. In doing so, the lawyer will explain all of the essential rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both the franchisee and the franchisor should the franchisee decide to proceed with the franchise. This explanation includes the identification of any rights, responsibilities, and obligations that are common and unique, including those which may be reasonably negotiated. The lawyer will also ensure that the franchisee has received all of the material required to be disclosed by law in the franchise disclosure documents.

Service Exclusion and Other Restrictions

o This service does not include any review of the franchise disclosure documents by an accountant or other finance professional who can subsequently provide any assessment on the financial viability of the venture and the franchise system;
o Review does not include any finance and bank lending agreements required by the franchisee to proceed with the franchise;
o This product does not include any steps required to proceed with the franchise and is limited to the review of the documentation only; and
o The listed rates exclude taxes, any government fees and reasonable disbursements required in the providing of the services described.
o Service provider has the discretion to add any additional terms and conditions on any offer and service provider must make any additional restrictions and terms explicit in any retainer agreement between the service provider and the client. Service provider has the discretion to determine the manner and personnel used to complete the service described.